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There are so many beautiful wedding trends around at the moment, and whilst we may be somewhat biased here at PRC, we still think the trends that leave the most lasting impressions are the ones that fill your tummy. After all, everyone knows that the fastest way into someone’s heart is through their stomach. So, here are our favourites for all things boozy and bubbly.

Fun and Fruity

We would like to start by clarifying that whilst the old saying “you eat with your eyes” may be true the same applies for drinking. Summer is all about fresh flavours and vibrant colours, and of course citrus in anything will make for a refreshing drink to enjoy this summer.


There’s not much worse than being out for a lovely night when, for what ever reason you’ve chosen not to drink and you’re instead left sipping on lemonade, feeling rather left out. Make sure your loved ones who have opted not to drink have a quenching choice with a little more flair

Whisky Bars

There is something just so cool and kitschy about a whiskey bar, and if you’ve been sipping on fantastically fruity cocktails all evening we’re sure the boys, and the girls for that matter, will love a whisky bar as a popular feature towards the end of the evening.

Ice, ice, baby

We may have noted our love for anything ice-cream related on the blog before, and nothing has changed. Could there be any more of a fabulous twist to a cocktail than discovering it contains ice-cream? This grown up twist of a childhood favourite, the spider, is sure to have your guests grinning with glee.



If none of the above are exactly what you are looking for why not try a new take on an old favourite? Who doesn’t love a blueberry mojito? Or better still, start from scratch and create a flavour that is completely unique to your wedding. Adding unique touches such as a black salt rim to your glass or a cute straw or stirrer will really help your designer drink make an impact.

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