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There are certain things in life you should never skimp on; a surgeon, a tattoo artist and of course, a wedding photographer. After all, the images of your big day are going to be hung on your walls for the next 50 years for your children to tease you about and your grandchildren to admire.

After over 700 weddings, John Warren, the creative genius behind Warren Photography, has perfected the art of capturing the emotion along with the image. “Emotion and fun is always more powerful than shots in front of red doors” and his passion for catching the right look and the right smile at the right time is apparent when viewing some of his work.

“The most important thing is to have fun on your wedding day! Photos of you laughing and enjoying yourself are photos you’ll love to look at, and they’ll remind you of how awesome your day was. It’s important that your wedding photographer injects the fun and keeps everyone buzzed and pumped.”

Working with John is always effortless. He has a way of putting everyone around him entirely at ease whilst making them giggle their heads off, and never misses the shot. What more could you want in a wedding photographer?

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