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We’re sure it’s no surprise that here at PRC headquarters we have somewhat of a sweet-tooth. Our dedicated foodies can often be heard discussing their favourite desserts or seen enjoying a delectable morsel at their desks. And we know we’re not alone in the world of all things sweet and delicious! So, we’ve come together with our collective knowledge on everything sugar, spice and all things nice to ensure your wedding has the sweetest and most scrumptious treats to please your guests, leaving them grinning from ear to ear.

Gelato Carts

Do you remember as a child, the excitement of seeing a Mr Whippy van after a long swim at the beach or hearing the chiming of bells coming down the street? What could be more fun than a gelato cart than the added joy of being able to enjoy it with a crisp cold glass of champagne? Short Batch Ice Cream Co are a favourite of ours, their ice cream is incredible and their carts are perfectly suited for all styles of weddings.

Artisan Icy-poles

Another nod to hot summer days as a child. We love the idea of a grown up, elegant icy-pole as the finishing touch to a summers cocktail party. Go for either the pre-made kind, like the mouth watering selection at Pop Culture, or get creative and make your own with endless flavour combinations.


Hot jam or cinnamon? Not anymore! Donuts are one of the many humble treats that have been given a makeover in recent times. With so many flavours, colours and fillings to choose from, what’s not to love? Consider having mountains of multicoloured or gold-leaf doughnuts as part of your dessert station

Fairy Floss

Our love of all things filled with childhood whimsy but with an adult upgrade is probably starting to become apparent with this inclusion. Fairy floss is sweet and sticky and there is something almost magical about watching it appear almost out of nowhere, In the wise words of Fluffe “Pink is not a flavour” so why not indulge in some of their gorgeous rosewater or mojito fairy floss? Or, use it to add a little “lovely” to your cupcakes or champagne.

CREDITS – All images from Pinterest

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