Vendor Spotlight – Georgeous

Georgeous create just that, gorgeous, refreshing and chic events. Their styling and events team take an entirely personalised approach to each and every couple’s design. From the initial meeting right through to the event, you can be assured that the nurturing and inventive team will be there every step of the way to support and inspire you throughout the creative and planning process.With a simple, elegant and modern underlying style, Georgeous work closely with each couple to create their dream wedding.

The inspiring team take a unique approach to styling their events, and whilst you will always be floored at the visual appeal of their breathtaking creations, it’s the surprises that appear throughout their events that really leave a lasting impression; from confetti bombs at midnight to event spaces revealed as the evening progresses or, our personal favourite, having one of their couples handwrite a personalised love letter for each of their guests.

It’s the little things in life that count, and Georgeous have truly got that down pat.



CREDITS – Image 1 Love Katie and Sarah – Image 2 Love Katie and Sarah – Image 3 Sarah Wood Photography – Image 4 Sarah Wood Photography – Image 5 Sarah Wood Photography – Image 6 I Got You Babe Photography – Image 7 Love Katie and Sarah – Image 8 Alison Mayfield Photography – Image 9 Alison Mayfield Photography – Image 10 Fran Parker – Image 11 Photo Fran Parker – Image 12 Love Katie and Sarah – Image 13 Love Katie and Sarah – Image 14 Love Katie and Sarah – Image 15 Sarah Wood Photography – Image 16 Sarah Wood Photography – Image 17 Sarah Wood Photography and Nikole Ramsay – Image 18 Sarah Wood Photography and Nikole Ramsay.

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