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Dressing women is easy. With so many different styles, colours and fabrics to choose from, it is not all that difficult to find something that will not only flatter your bridesmaids but also make them stand out from your guests. It can however be a little more challenging to do the same for the men in your bridal party. So, taking inspiration from our very own Steve here at Peter Rowland head office, here are out tips for the coming season.

Whether you are looking at keeping it pretty classic or contemplating injecting a burst of colour into your bridal party, adding lots of textures and patterns is a sure fire way to ensure your groomsmen stand out just as much as your bridesmaids. Consider using a mixture of knits and fabrics as well as contrasting patterns.

It’s hard enough to wrangle some men into a suit at the best of times and this is where a contingency plan is a must. The boys will want to take their jackets off at some point throughout your wedding day. Whether it’s because they are standing in the sun waiting for the bride to make her appearance or they are ready for a boogie, why not ensure they still look every bit as dapper when they do.

If you are having a more relaxed affair like a garden wedding or you have a groom that finds wearing a tie torturous then why not opt for an open collar? You can still mix colours and textures to create a unique and striking look which will stand out in your photos whilst still being comfortable for the boys to wear all day and night.

Nothing says classical elegance quite like keeping it monochrome. Perfect for the non-adventurous boys, not only will your groom &and groomsmen look effortlessly cool on your big day but they can wear the simple black and white look time and time again.

Pop of Colour
We love a pop of colour any time, anywhere and a wedding is no exception. The trick with this style is to keep the suit and shirt relatively simple and let the accessories do the talking. This is the perfect style to make bold statements, especially with a key colour scheme throughout your day and can be a lot of fun to play with.

CREDITS – Photos courtesy of Tamara Graham and the exceptionally dapper (and patient) Steve.

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