PRC Style – Let Them Eat Cake

Choosing a cake can be both tricky and utterly delicious; we are here to help with the tricky part.

Whether you are looking for a traditional tiered white cake with simple embellishments, something a little more bold, or a cake that is entirely left of centre and sure to be a feature we have something to tempt your taste buds.

In our hunt for the perfect wedding cake we sat down to chat with Jeanette from the Little Malvern Cake Co. to get her top tips for choosing the best cake for the occasion.

“Trust your designer. Bring a mood board or pinterest page for your wedding and let the designer create a unique cake for you.

Taste, taste, taste. If you go to a tasting and the cake is dry, stale or tastes like packet mix, walk away!

Share your budget with your cake designer. They can best advise you on how to save money and still achieve a beautiful design.

If you’re paying for a gorgeous wedding cake, it may as well taste fabulous!”

The Cake

When choosing a wedding cake for your big day there are so many different options it can be hard to know which direction you should take. We recommend choosing something simple yet striking like the cakes below.

Keep in mind that your cake will not only be on display all evening but it will also be the last thing your guests taste at the wedding. Choose something absolutely scrumptious and that is a feature for your guests to look at throughout the evening. Don’t be nervous to go bold!

Cake Toppers

There are so many lovely options for cake toppers these days if you are looking for something truly personal and unique. You can have mini wooden versions of yourselves hand painted or have a stationer design something for you.

Bite Sized

All things small and sweet are right on trend at the moment as many brides move away from the traditional formal affair, towards a huge party with all their nearest and dearest.

Having a dessert buffet or a doughnut cake means your guests can grab a sweet bite and head straight to the dance floor instead of having to sit back at their table.

Happy taste testing and remember  “A party without cake is just a meeting”

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Special Thanks to Jeanette from Little Malvern Cake Co

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